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  • Frame VR

    Frame VR

    Immersive presentations and meetings – right from the browser on desktop, mobile, and VR. FRAME is a virtual world environment. It is a beta product from Virbela, which is a full-fledged virtual world that requires an application that needs to be downloaded and installed on a computer. FRAME VR makes it easy to come together…

  • Icebreaker.Video


    Icebreaker videos are a great tool to help promote collaboration for icebreakers, meet-and-greet, or meetups. You can plan your meeting by choosing a topic and conversation games through a template or yourself. Prompt cards make this a fun and fast-paced meeting space. Tiered pricing available and easy to use. 

  • Microsoft 365: Here’s how to get it for free

    Microsoft 365: Here’s how to get it for free

    This blog post by c|net explains how anyone can use Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps without spending any money.   Microsoft 365: Here’s how to get it for free

  • Using Online Whiteboards to Boost Student Engagement and Confidence in Math – Edutopia

    Using Online Whiteboards to Boost Student Engagement and Confidence in Math – Edutopia

    This article shares ways to better grasp thought processes in math class by using online whiteboards—web-based tools that enable students to write or type content that teachers can instantly see and share. A few examples of some freely available online whiteboards are also linked to in the article.   Using Online Whiteboards to Boost Student…

  • ComPair


    ComPAIR is a peer assessment and feedback application in which students first answer an assignment and then compare and respond to pairs of peer answers. For each pair, students pick the answer they think better meets instructor-set criteria (e.g., “Which is better articulated?”, “Which is more accurate?”) and write feedback to each peer. The above…

  • Aropä


    Aropä is an online peer-review system designed to support peer review and peer grading. It was developed by Helen Purchase and John Hamer of the University of Glasgow and is available for worldwide use for free. Aropä can be scaled to accommodate any size group with the flexibility to create smaller sub-groups or communities of…

  • Microsoft Sway

    Microsoft Sway

    Sway is a Microsoft Office application with which you can create portfolios, presentations, websites, newsletters, interactive reports, and more. First of all, Sway is free – you just need to have a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Live, or, and it’s easy to use. Formatting is very easy and the transitions they use in the presentation…

  • Jeopardy! PowerPoint Template

    Jeopardy! PowerPoint Template

    Jeopardy! The popular game is loved by young and old and even after many years, it’s still the number one quiz show for fun TV nights with family and friends. Don’t we all love to guess answers and debate how we would handle being in this show? Wouldn’t it be awesome to finally feel like…

  • Physics This Week

    Physics This Week

    Physics This Week contains a number of physics tutorials that focus on topics that students often have the most difficulty with. This information is being shared to help learners over these bumps. This information is organized by topic and typically includes a mathematics refresher, a review of the important equations, and a few sample problems…

  • Creating an Online Community, Class or Conference – Quick Tech Guide

    Creating an Online Community, Class or Conference – Quick Tech Guide

    This guide is an editable Google Doc that has a wide collection of resources to assist you to create an online community, class or conference. “Are you creating an online course, event or conference? If you’re not a programmer, and if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, this guide will get you…

  • Microsoft Digital Literacy Course

    Microsoft Digital Literacy Course

    Learn how to effectively use devices, software, and the internet to collaborate with others and discover, use, and create information. The Microsoft Digital Literacy course is for anyone with basic reading skills who want to learn the fundamentals of using digital technologies. The course is at a reading level like that of most newspapers around…

  • Perusall


    Perusall is a platform that allows someone to annotate readings and engage the reading material in a style akin to social media posting. Full comments can be added, users can “like” comments, use hashtags, link URLs to comments, and even use emoticons. — adapted from Etools: Using Perusall in the Classroom Celeste C Wells, Boston…

  • PlantNet – Pl@ntNet

    PlantNet – Pl@ntNet

    PlantNet is a participatory science project that enables scientists from all over the world to better understand plant biodiversity and to study the best ways to preserve it. Identify, explore, and share your observations of wild plants · Pl@ntNet is a tool to help to identify plants with pictures.   Pl@ntNet

  • dotstorming


    Dotstorming allows people to easily collaborate on a topic and come to decisions as a group. It uses dot voting which is a quick and simple method for prioritizing a list of options. It creates a sense of engagement and allows participants to see the decision process in action and understand how the final choice…

  • Scalar


    Scalar is a free, open-source publishing platform geared toward long-form scholarship with embedded multimedia. It also provides the capability for multimedia tagging and annotation, as well as for interacting with stories in a nonlinear way through different path structures. Scalar allows for the easy creation of a website using a book-type format. It was created…

  • Stanford


    Everyone has the capacity to be creative. The Stanford is a place where people develop problem-solving skills using methods from across the field of design. Resources on this site include toolkits to guide learners through design challenges. Stanford Stanford – Resources How to Design an Education Escape Room    

  • Brainstorming – Creativity Techniques from

    Brainstorming – Creativity Techniques from

    Brainstorming encourages people to create new ideas that, at first, may seem crazy.  However, the initial ideas can be further refined to be feasible and practical. Brainstorming can be enhanced to facilitate idea generation by using techniques such as brainwriting, the stepladder technique, and starbursting.   Brainstorming – Creativity Techniques from   

  • ResearchGate


    ResearchGate is a collaboration tool you can use to connect with other researchers. You can learn about new research and post your new research by following and being followed by other researchers in your field. It a good way to know about recent publications and who is working in your field. You can also ask…

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

    Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

    Open Broadcaster Software is free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. As of 2016, the software is now referred to as OBS Studio. There are versions of OBS Studio available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. OBS is useful to create videos and add effects with webcam, screen, and audio capture. It…

  • F.A.I.L. University: Fearless Adventures In Learning

    F.A.I.L. University: Fearless Adventures In Learning

    FUN FREE Online Learning Tools   TRY ONE BEFORE YOU MAKE ONE! Escape this Breakout Room as/after you watch this 6 min. Gamification Intro!  (Answer KEY) See the FREE learning game-making tools below.  (Students can play your games without creating an account.) Want help?  Get FREE online gamification lessons at F.A.I.L. University   Hyperlinked Site Examples Help…

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