Rate a Tool (No Login Necessary)

EmTechWIKI tools and resources can be rated without creating an account. 

Rating tools and resources will help others learn which resources are the most useful.

How to apply a rating:

  1. Rating icons are located under an item’s title when you are viewing the complete page of a tool or resource.
  2. Click the green (up) arrow to show that you like an item. Click the red (down) arrow if you are unsatisfied with it.
  3. You may only add a single rating each time you visit.

green and red up and down rating arrows

The numbers after the arrows show how many ratings an item received. In the example above, the item received 10 votes, but two of them were down-votes (or unfavorable ratings), therefore the total rating is 8 (10 -2 = 8).

When searching for items on the Discover page:

  1. Sort Highest Rated to view which items have received the most positive responses.
  2. Sort by Popularity to see the items that have been viewed most often.