Advice – always choose technology in service of pedagogy

EmTecuWIKI helps to identify resources to meet specific objectives. Instructors and students should first select resources that are supported by their institution. These are reviewed to be secure and reliable and are supported by local instructional support specialists.

“EmTechWIKI Essential Tools” highlights commonly used resources.

It is always recommended to evaluate any technologies to ensure it is secure and accessible. Best practice also includes having a back-up plan.

Examples of how to extend the functionality of campus tools include:

  • create online video lectures;
  • add captions to videos;
  • provide materials in alternative formats;
  • find, create, and annotate visual resources;
  • identify OER collections, simulation activities, virtual labs;
  • create infographics, mind-maps, and interactive activities;
  • build information and digital literacy skills;
  • and a wide variety of other applications.

Explore and reflect on the use of emerging technologies to increase your comfort level and to keep pace with the continual evolution of technology.

Never use your campus password to sign up for any 3rd-party tools and always read the terms of use.