Always Choose Technology Wisely

EmTechWIKI helps identify resources to meet specific objectives. Instructors and students should first select resources that are supported by their institution, which are typically vetted for security and reliability. This also provides the added benefit of getting assistance from local instructional support experts. 

Remember, it’s crucial to assess the security and accessibility of the technologies you choose. Having a backup plan is always a smart move.

Looking to expand what your campus tools can do? Here are some ideas:

  • Create engaging online video lectures.
  • Make videos accessible by adding captions.
  • Create and annotate visual resources.
  • Design infographics, mind maps, and interactive activities.
  • Explore open educational resources, simulations, and virtual labs.
  • Foster information and digital literacy skills.
  • Provide materials in a variety of formats to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Plus, there are countless other possibilities!

To get started, check out EmTechWIKI’s Essential Tools.“

Explore and reflect on the use of emerging technologies to increase your comfort level and to keep pace with the continual evolution of technology.

Never use campus passwords to sign up for 3rd-party tools and always read the terms of use!