Add New Tools and Resources

EmTechWIKI needs your help to stay current to represent the vast amount of free emerging technology tools, tutorials, and resources!

Add a New Tool/Resource  or Modify an Existing Resource to earn a SUNY #EmTech Contributor Badge. Help grow our collection of 600+ resources!

EmTechMOOC Contributor BadgeEarn a SUNY Badge, even if you are not enrolled in Coursera.
After contributing, fill out this form to
Request your Contributor Badge!

Learn more about EmTech certificates and digital badges.

Approval is necessary for any additions or modifications to appear on the live WIKI. Sometimes, if a tool or resource doesn’t quite align with the EmTech project’s goals or isn’t freely accessible, we may have to hold off on publishing it.

To contribute, you’ll need to create an EmTechWIKI WordPress account. This account is different from any login you may have for the #EmTech course on Coursera.

How to Add a New Tool or Resource

Before adding new resources, it is a good idea to search EmTechWIKI to be sure the resource you wish to add doesn’t already exist. If it does exist, see how to Modify a Tool or Resource below.

  1. Log In and follow the prompts to create an EmTechWIKI account.
  2. Now, click this link to Add a Tool.
  3. Enter a title and a brief description.
  4. Include a link to the tool or resource.
  5. Add any supporting links, for example, tutorials for using the tool/resource.
  6. If desired, add additional keywords separated by commas at the bottom of the entry.
  7. Select the appropriate objectives and categories.
  8. Click the “Submit for Review” button to save your work.
  9. The EmTech Team will then review your submission and upload a featured image within a few days.
  10. Now, complete this form to claim your EmTechWIKI Contributor Badge.

How to Modify an Existing Tool or Resource

  1. Log In to create an EmTechWIKI account.
  2. Click here to Modify a Tool and make desired changes.
  3. Click the “Submit for Review” button.
  4. Our Team will review your submission within a few days.
  5. Now, claim your EmTechWIKI Contributor Badge.

Watch this video to learn how to add or modify a tool or resource to EmTechWIKI.

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