Prezi Classic and Prezi Next

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A “zooming presentation tool” that presents information non-linearly. It is an infinite whiteboard where the audience can see and interact with an overview of a topic or zoom in to see the relationship between topics. Prezi allows presenters to provide not only the big picture but takes it a step further to allow viewers to dissect each component. this web-based presentation tool allows you to edit, collaborate, and present online.

Prezi is a Hungarian presentation software company founded in 2009, with offices in Budapest, Berlin, San Francisco, and Riga.




Prezi Next Vs. Classic: Your Questions Answered – Because Prezi has debuted a new version—Prezi Next—current users should compare the Next with what is being called Prezi Classic. Both versions have educational plans.

7 Alternative Technology in the Classroom Presentation Tools – This blog entry from TeachHub touches upon Prezi in the list of alternative technology in the classroom.


Keywords: Collaboration, Flipped Learning, Presentations