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  • Directory of AI Tools

    Directory of AI Tools

    Browse the best AI tools directory in 40+ categories like AI content detection, plagiarism tools, AI tools to make money, AI tools like Chat GPT, AI Lead Generator, AI Business Automation, Generative Arts, Avatar Generator, Generative AI, Chatbot Builder, AI No Code Website Builder, and many more AI tools. The top AI tools are updated…

  • Harvard Business Catalog – Case Studies, Simulations, and More

    Harvard Business Catalog – Case Studies, Simulations, and More

    Harvard Business Publishing Education partners with educators and students around the world to deliver best-in-class learning experiences that develop leaders who are ready for a changing world. A robust catalog of learning materials, including cases, simulations, articles, videos, and online courses. Pedagogical support, teaching advice, and curriculum guidance is also available to help educators create…

  • Piazza


    Piazza is a free online gathering place where students can ask, answer, and explore 24/7, under the guidance of their instructors.   Piazza Review Accessibility/Security Info

  • UB Libraries’ Authority Research Guide

    UB Libraries’ Authority Research Guide

    This Research Guide will help you better understand authority in the context of research and information and provide you with methods of evaluating an information source to determine its authority. Authority, generally, represents the right to give orders, make decisions or have control over something. In information, a source that is authoritative contains credible, reliable…

  • UB Libraries’ Applied Digital Literacy Coursera MOOC Specialization

    UB Libraries’ Applied Digital Literacy Coursera MOOC Specialization

    This Coursera MOOC Specialization is intended for anyone seeking to develop online, internet researching skills along with advanced knowledge of multimedia for the creation of digital objects such as presentations, infographics, posters, commercials, podcasts, and movies. Through these three courses, learners will cover how to identify their information need, understand which tools to use when…

  • dotstorming


    Dotstorming allows people to easily collaborate on a topic and come to decisions as a group. It uses dot voting which is a quick and simple method for prioritizing a list of options. It creates a sense of engagement and allows participants to see the decision process in action and understand how the final choice…

  • Stanford


    Everyone has the capacity to be creative. The Stanford is a place where people develop problem-solving skills using methods from across the field of design. Resources on this site include toolkits to guide learners through design challenges. Stanford Stanford – Resources How to Design an Education Escape Room    

  • ResearchGate


    ResearchGate is a collaboration tool you can use to connect with other researchers. You can learn about new research and post your new research by following and being followed by other researchers in your field. It a good way to know about recent publications and who is working in your field. You can also ask…

  • Medium


    Medium is a publishing platform with a social twist. The platform has 120 million readers that are able to directly follow the publisher or the writer they want and read their articles. The platform encourages writers from all over the world to become a member and publish on its platform. The social aspect of the…

  • Hoax or Fact

    Hoax or Fact

    Hoax or Fact is an attempt to spread knowledge and wisdom. To bring out the truths and facts behind all kinds of online rumors and hoax messages. The people, at Hoax or Fact, research, and analysis of various online issues in-depth, so as to put a check on all kinds of online spammers, thus preventing…

  • Online Discussion Boards & Professor’s Presence – 10 Principles & 51 Strategies

    Online Discussion Boards & Professor’s Presence – 10 Principles & 51 Strategies

    This Quick Reference / Best Practice Card for online discussions is adapted from “The Professor’s Manual,” by Victoria Nesnick, a Higher Education Faculty Development Consultant. The guide provides research-based guiding principles and strategies to help create and maintain effective presence and interaction between facilitators and participants as related to online discussion board participation. This resource…

  • BigBlueButton


    BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system. In addition to various web conferencing services. BigBlueButton supports multiple audio and video sharing, presentations with extended whiteboard capabilities – such as a pointer, zooming and drawing – public and private chat, desktop sharing, integrated VoIP using FreeSWITCH, and support for the presentation of PDF documents and Microsoft…

  • Slido


    Slido is a web-based Q&A and Polling platform to engage an audience with live questions and polls. Everybody can ask and vote for the best questions. Question and poll results are updated live on the interactive wall. Ask questions, vote in polls and be a part of the conversation at the event you’re attending. Visit…

  • Edulai for employability skills development

    Edulai for employability skills development

    Dynamic library with free internet learning material for improving employability skills

  • Equity Maps

    Equity Maps

    Equity Maps is an iPad app to trace and assess interaction, performance, and involvement in class or group discussions. Chart & record the interactions to graphically illustrate levels of participation. Use in class discussions to encourage equitable dialogue, promote wider collaboration. Questions this app can help you address include: Is everyone sharing air-time? Is someone with…

  • SurfSafe


    Defend the internet. Bring the world to the Internet without false news. If you see something that is false, report it! Supercharge your browser to catch fake news! SurfSafe is protecting users from misleading, photoshopped, and fake news throughout the Internet. The extension marks the level of safety of an image or article on the corners. Never…

  • Twitter


    Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through its website interface or its mobile-device application software (“app”), though the service could also be accessed via SMS before April 2020. Tweets were…

  • Facebook


    Facebook is a well-known and free to use social networking platform. Utilizing Facebook can help you connect, share and market to people. User groups based on common interests, workplace, and more can provide you new methods to communicate. Now very often seen in news media, Facebook and other social media platforms are commonly used to…

  • Doodle


    Doodle is an online scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find a date and time to meet with multiple people. First you suggest dates and times for your event participants to choose from, then Doodle creates a polling calendar that can be sent to participants for feedback. As each participant selects…

  • Zoom


    Zoom is a video conferencing and web conferencing service that provides video, phone, and chat services. The basic package is free and hosts up to 100 participants, and an unlimited number of meetings. The basic package includes video conferencing, web conferencing, and group collaboration features such as polling and whiteboards. ZOOM has been noted to…