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  • Venngage


    Venngage is an online tool for creating infographics, reports, and data visualizations. Infographics make complex, important, or technical information easy to digest. Pick from hundreds of charts, maps, icons, and import data directly from your spreadsheets into numerous chart styles and infographic templates. This blog post titled, “Venngage: 7 Ways eLearning Infographics Make Education Easier,”…

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

    Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

    Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. All DOAJ services are free of charge including being indexed. All data is freely available. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

  • eMathHelp – Online Math Resource for All

    eMathHelp – Online Math Resource for All

    This site is created to help people learn math. Includes algebra, calculus, differential equation calculators, and notes with many examples. The site is designed for high school and college students, teachers, parents, and people who want to refresh their knowledge in math. Study notes, a variety of calculators, games, and unit converters are available to…

  • Checkology | The News Literacy Project

    Checkology | The News Literacy Project

    Checkology® Virtual Classroom can help educators, students, and anyone learn how to tell the difference between fact and fiction. Checkology | The News Literacy Project

  • Critical Media Literacy Library Guide – UCLA Libraries

    Critical Media Literacy Library Guide – UCLA Libraries

    This guide has many free resources to help learn skills to become a critical media literacy consumer and is created and maintained by the  University of California Libraries. Critical Media Literacy Library Guide – UCLA Libraries  

  • Physics This Week

    Physics This Week

    Physics This Week contains a number of physics tutorials that focus on topics that students often have the most difficulty with. This information is being shared to help learners over these bumps. This information is organized by topic and typically includes a mathematics refresher, a review of the important equations, and a few sample problems…

  • UB Libraries’ Authority Research Guide

    UB Libraries’ Authority Research Guide

    This Research Guide will help you better understand authority in the context of research and information and provide you with methods of evaluating an information source to determine its authority. Authority, generally, represents the right to give orders, make decisions or have control over something. In information, a source that is authoritative contains credible, reliable…

  • UB Libraries’ Applied Digital Literacy Coursera MOOC Specialization

    UB Libraries’ Applied Digital Literacy Coursera MOOC Specialization

    This Coursera MOOC Specialization is intended for anyone seeking to develop online, internet researching skills along with advanced knowledge of multimedia for the creation of digital objects such as presentations, infographics, posters, commercials, podcasts, and movies. Through these three courses, learners will cover how to identify their information need, understand which tools to use when…

  • Turning Technologies

    Turning Technologies

    Interactive software to conduct polling questions. A native PowerPoint integration is available and in many cases, an institution can integrate the polling software within its campus Learning and Management System (i.e., Blackboard, Canvas). Interactive questions can be pre-programmed within presentation slides, asked on-the-fly, and delivered as self-paced assessments. The software is free for instructors but…

  • Search Tips: Getting Started

    Search Tips: Getting Started

    Learn how to find and use library materials at UB and across SUNY. We now have a single, unified system that gives you the ability to search databases, UB library collections, and all SUNY campus library catalogs, all in one place, all at one time.   Search Tips: Getting Started  

  • Insight Maker | Simulation and Modeling

    Insight Maker | Simulation and Modeling

    Insight Maker is a free tool to create simulations and modeling in your browser that lets you express your thoughts using rich pictures and causal loop diagrams. It then lets you turn these diagrams into powerful simulation models. Insight Maker integrates three general modeling approaches – System Dynamics, Agent-Based Modeling, and imperative programming. Insight Maker   Keywords:…

  • newtFire {DH}

    newtFire {DH}

    The newtFire site serves as an incubator of learning and research collaboration between scholars and students in the Digital Humanities from multiple institutions, and is the project development site of Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Program Chair of Digital Media, Arts, and Technology (DIGIT) at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. This site contains numerous tutorials and exercises…

  • PlantNet – Pl@ntNet

    PlantNet – Pl@ntNet

    PlantNet is a participatory science project that enables scientists from all over the world to better understand plant biodiversity and to study the best ways to preserve it. Identify, explore, and share your observations of wild plants · Pl@ntNet is a tool to help to identify plants with pictures.   Pl@ntNet

  • dotstorming


    Dotstorming allows people to easily collaborate on a topic and come to decisions as a group. It uses dot voting which is a quick and simple method for prioritizing a list of options. It creates a sense of engagement and allows participants to see the decision process in action and understand how the final choice…

  • Stanford


    Everyone has the capacity to be creative. The Stanford is a place where people develop problem-solving skills using methods from across the field of design. Resources on this site include toolkits to guide learners through design challenges. Stanford Stanford – Resources How to Design an Education Escape Room    

  • Wikipedia List of Fact-checking Websites

    Wikipedia List of Fact-checking Websites

    In this age of misinformation, the internet and mass movement of data on the internet and plethora of data has made is more difficult to know what is true and what is not. People nowadays are looking for instant gratification and quick response and reaction. Fact-checking has become an extremely viable tool.   List of…

  • ResearchGate


    ResearchGate is a collaboration tool you can use to connect with other researchers. You can learn about new research and post your new research by following and being followed by other researchers in your field. It a good way to know about recent publications and who is working in your field. You can also ask…

  • F.A.I.L. University: Fearless Adventures In Learning

    F.A.I.L. University: Fearless Adventures In Learning

    FUN FREE Online Learning Tools   TRY ONE BEFORE YOU MAKE ONE! Escape this Breakout Room as/after you watch this 6 min. Gamification Intro!  (Answer KEY) See the FREE learning game-making tools below.  (Students can play your games without creating an account.) Want help?  Get FREE online gamification lessons at F.A.I.L. University   Hyperlinked Site Examples Help…

  • Kanopy


    Kanopy offers thoughtful entertainment free of charge by partnering with public libraries and universities. Individuals affiliated with a library or educational institution can utilize these resources to educate and raise awareness about important issues. It has movies categorized by genre. The user may also use the search feature to find relevant content based on the…

  • Medium


    Medium is a publishing platform with a social twist. The platform has 120 million readers that are able to directly follow the publisher or the writer they want and read their articles. The platform encourages writers from all over the world to become a member and publish on its platform. The social aspect of the…

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