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Get started with YouTube, playing, watching, and creating videos.

YouTube is a video-sharing site available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages. Anyone with an Internet connection can share content, whether they are organizations with large budgets or an individual with a video camera. The material is organized into channels and users can create their own private channels.

YouTube is an extremely large platform that allows people to upload videos to the internet to inform, entertain, and share things with people around the world. Although many people think of YouTube as an entertainment-based website, the number of educational videos are innumerable. You can teach yourself almost any skill by watching Youtube videos. Youtube is a very useful tool to not only learn things but also to network with other people. So many people have connected through similar interests on Youtube. Even many creators come together and do collaborative videos to enlighten the world. This is a very underrated platform that has absolutely endless possibilities, and the best part of it all — it’s free!

YouTube members can subscribe to the videos of others to be alerted when new videos become available.




Welcome to the YouTube Help Center – Getting started with YouTube, playing, watching, and creating videos.

8 Tips To Effectively Use YouTube in eLearning – Discusses how to use YouTube in eLearning.

YouTube is a popular online video sharing website. Anyone can upload a video to this site for free. Upload your video to YouTube from a computer or mobile device by following the steps explained in the link to YouTube Help below.

YouTube – Help Uploading Videos

Here are Few Professional Tips by Google Academy for how to use the YouTube video editor:

With video editing tools, you can combine clips to create new videos and publish them on YouTube with one click. All your uploads are automatically added to the video editor. With the video editor you can do the following:

Combine multiple videos and multiple uploads to create new videos.

Cut your clips for a specific length.

Add music to your videos from a library of approved tracks.

Customize your clips with special tools and effects.

Note: The Video Editor tool at is currently unavailable for posting videos longer than one hour. You can, however, use the Improvements or Sound tools to edit the longer-lasting videos.


Access YouTube video editor

To access the video editor, click the link above or follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. At the top right, click ⇑.
  3. On the right side of the page, click Edit under “Video Editor”.
  4. Choose from the video editor tools below.
  5. When you have finished creating the project, click Create Videos.

Video Editor Tools

All your uploads are automatically added to the video editor and can be used as a clip. You can add up to 50 clips and 500 images to each project to create a new video.

  1. Find the clip or image you want to add, top left in the video editor. Touch the camera icon to browse the images.
  2. Use one of the following ways to add the clip or image:


Note: Songs cannot overlap. They can only appear sequentially, each before or after each other.


YouTube.EDU – There is also a specialized Education channel. Whether you’re doing research for a project, need help with homework, or just want to learn something new, YouTube EDU features some of their most popular educational videos across YouTube. This channel was generated automatically by YouTube’s video discovery system.

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