NASA Citizen Science Project

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Citizen Science | Science Mission Directorate

NASA has many numbers of projects that require the collaboration of the citizens to solve the various problems lying under the various projects. The projects comprise the various types of participation depends on the given problem. Some projects require only analytical skills and you can collaborate on those projects by just sitting at your home, whereas some projects require your experimental skill through some outdoor activities.

The projects are categorized under the various topics given below:

1.) Universe – Planet hunting, Planet patrol, Backyard planet detection, etc.

2.) Solar system – Astronomical search, Targeting asteroids, Detecting stardust, Detecting disks, etc.

3.) Space experiment – Going beyond earth

4.) Sun – Sungrazer project, Aurorasourus, etc.

5.) Earth – Floating forest, Landslide reporter, Community snow observation, etc.

In most of the projects, you just require to join the project and collaborate with the other participants in the project by following some instructions and help the community to achieve the aim of the project.

Participate in the live projects and join a project according to your interest.

NASA’s Citizen Science Program also provides grants awarded for Scientific Research and Collaborations with the Public.


NASA Citizen Science Project