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Kahoot! is a free online game-based learning resource where you can create quizzes that brings engagement and entertainment to players. It may be used at school, at work, and at home. You can add videos, images, and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement. Kahoot allows you to create group based multiple choice questions with diverse formats flexibility.

Players answer the questions on their own devices, while games are displayed on a shared screen to unite the lesson. Besides creating your own Kahoots, you can search among millions of existing games.




8 Ways to Use Kahoot! Beyond the Basics – This article speaks to the multiple uses of Kahoot and serves as a quick training session.

Using Kahoot in the Classroom to Create Engagement and Active Learning: A Game-Based Technology Solution for eLearning Novices – A research article that deals with instructional games and the feedback they receive from students.

Review of Kahoot fromĀ Helping Apps for Practitioners and Educators (HAPPE), a monthly blog series of theĀ University at Buffalo School of Social Work.


Keywords: flipped learning, gamification, quiz, polling, audience response, classroom response
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