Elicit: The AI Research Assistant

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Elicit is a research assistant using artificial intelligence (AI) language models like GPT-3 to automate parts of researchers’ workflows. Currently, the main workflow in Elicit is the Literature Review. If you ask a question, Elicit will show relevant papers and summaries of key information about those papers in an easy-to-use table.”

 Elicit can help researchers:

  1. Quickly locate papers on a research topic
  2. Analyze and organize multiple papers (you can upload your own PDFs)
  3. Summarize evidence from the top cited papers on a research topic
  4. Explore and brainstorm research questions
  5. Identify search terms
  6. Define terms
  7. Narrow or adjust your research direction

Elicit + Zotero can be a powerful combo for researchers. Results from Elicit can be downloaded as a .bib file and then uploaded automatically within Zotero as a new folder.




Keywords: artificial intelligence (AI)