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Creator+ Add-on Package for Brightspace (D2L)

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The Creator+ Addon Package for Brightspace (D2L) is an eLearning Authoring Tool for creating high-impact course activities. Creating interactive course content doesn’t have to be hard. This add-on to the Brightspace D2L Learning Management System (LMS) allows the creation of instructionally sound interactive content.

  • Save Time With Ready-Made Templates
  • Increase Engagement by Inserting Elements
  • Add Multimedia Elements With the Capture App
  • Maintain Design Consistency With the Content Styler

Creator+ helps you deliver engaging and interactive course activities including ready-made content templates, practice exercises, interactive elements, and easy-to-capture video recordings.

Build impactful courses with less time and friction. Ready-made templates are easy to implement with any D2L course content.

Note: Free access to Creator+ is only available for 30 days. It is necessary to acquire the add-on as a part of a Brightspace D2L institutional package. Even though the Creator+ add-on is not available for free on a continual basis, the innovative nature of this tool inspired its inclusion in SUNY EmTech.

Brightspace Creator+ D2L

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Creator+ Addon Package for Brightspace (D2L)