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ChatGPT and Case-Based Classes – Harvard Business School

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This video highlights the innovative use of ChatGPT by Professor Mitchell Weiss in his case-based classes. By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, Professor Weiss successfully enhances his teaching methodologies in various ways. In this video he explains how he utilizes ChatGPT to generate thought-provoking discussion questions, stimulating engaging conversations among his students. Additionally, he harnesses the power of ChatGPT to assist in drafting comprehensive case studies, allowing students to explore real-world scenarios and develop critical thinking skills. ChatGPT serves as a valuable tool for students to quiz themselves on the course material, enabling effective self-assessment and reinforcement of their learning.

To supplement this video, the webpage also provides two enlightening articles that delve deeper into the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) within the college classroom. These articles further enrich your understanding of the potential of generative AI in educational settings and its implications for future learning methodologies.

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ChatGPT and Case-Based Classes – Harvard Business School – Link to Mitchell Weiss’ video