You Need A Wiki

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You Need A Wiki (YNAW) is a simple, yet effective tool for creating a wiki utilizing Google Docs for editing and your Google Drive for storage. This tool is ideal if you work with Google regularly and maintain a Google Drive. You simply create an account and then import folders from Google drive into YNAW. Your folders are converted into a wiki-style page. It is so much easier to read and navigate than clicking through a folder in Google Drive. You can create and edit Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly in YNAW too.

There are many wikis that are more powerful and multifunctional, but if you work in Google and want to share and collaborate this is a fantastically simple and easy tool to use. Even if you just want to put some of your most-used folders in a more functional and aesthetically pleasing structure then this tool is recommended. YNAW is integrated with Google and so you can log in with your Google account and grant it the relevant permissions. It is advisable to set up your Drive folder well and then your wiki will be well ordered from the start. YNAW is free to use for a single user. However, there is a cost attached to multiple users in an organization.


You Need A WIK (YNAW)

Your drive view before:

Your Google Drive view

The same folders in YNAW:

The YNAW view