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  • Knovio


    Knovio is a web-based application that can record web camera video and attach that video to presentation slides from Microsoft PowerPoint or image files. Overall it’s a great way to get “virtual lectures” created in a quick and efficient manner. Educators: Deliver highly interactive, video-led teaching experiences with video presentations. It’s the fast and easy way…

  • Final Cut Pro X

    Final Cut Pro X

    Final Cut Pro X is a professional quality, high-end video editing app for OS X from Apple Inc. and the successor to Final Cut Pro. It is a revolutionary app for creating, editing, and producing the highest-quality video. Final Cut Pro X combines high-performance digital editing and native support for virtually any video format with easy-to-use and time-saving features that…

  • Camtasia


    Record anything — your whole screen or just a window. Or, add video, images, audio, and PowerPoint presentations that you already have.

  • Active Presenter

    Active Presenter

    An online video editor that includes all the tools needed to record screen, annotate, edit screencast videos and create interactive eLearning contents in HTML5.   ActivePresenter   Keywords: Video

  • Animoto


    Animoto is a cloud-based video creation service that produces video from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows.   Animoto   Keywords: Audio, Media, Photos & Images, Presentations, Video

  • VivaVideo


    VivaVideo is a professional video editing app with tools to trim, merge, split, control the speed of a video, and play it in reverse. You can also transform clips and photos into memorable movies with text, music, transition, filters, themes, and stickers.   VivaVideo   Keywords: Video

  • Explorable Explanations – Learning through play

    Explorable Explanations – Learning through play

    Explorable Explanation is a hub for learning through play that has been created by artists, coders & educators to reunite play and learning. It is a great tool to teach something interactively rather than the usual read-watch-listen-question-and-answer format.   Explorable Explanations   Keywords: Gamification, Simulations  

  • H5P Interactive Content Creator

    H5P Interactive Content Creator

    Hello HTML5! Goodbye flash! You can create, share and re-use interactive content in your browser or integrated right into your LMS! Create Richer HTML5 Content in Existing Publishing Platforms. Share Content Seamlessly Across Any H5P Capable Site. Reuse and modify Content in Your Browser at Any Time. Explore over 40 different types of interactive content…

  • TED Talks

    TED Talks

    TED Talks: ideas worth spreading include talks from speakers from a variety of backgrounds who provide thought-provoking presentations about a wide variety of topics. The short TED Talk videos average 10 to 18 minutes. This is a powerful tool for life long learning. The talks are given by people from all walks of life who share insights…

  • PowToon


    PowToon is a program for making small videos, presentations, and animations. It has several characters that can be animated, with different backgrounds and colors that make the construction of your presentation very easy. Web-based animations allow users to create presentations by manipulating pre-created objects, imported images, provided music and user-created voice-overs.   PowToon   PowToon Quick…

  • Grammarly


    This online grammar checker corrects mistakes and other writing errors across a variety of programs and directly in the browser.   Grammarly   Keywords: Lifelong Learning

  • GarageBand


    A powerful music creation tool and music studio. It is easy to use to record, but editing, though easy for beginners, gets increasingly sophisticated the deeper you go. It requires a download and is available only for the Mac. There are only marginally comparable tools for PC available for free. You can find more fully…

  • Atavist for Education

    Atavist for Education

    ..and as you leave you say goodbye to the place with a very heavy heart….promising to come back for even longer next year.

  • OpenSimulator  – Design your own Virtual Reality space for education, meetings, or games

    OpenSimulator – Design your own Virtual Reality space for education, meetings, or games

    The open source movement allowed complex avatar-based, game-engine software to become available free of charge using OpenSimulator.  Contributions from artists and designers now makes pre-developed virtual artifacts and design spaces available to educators, meeting planners, and game designers; easy modifications and adjustments allow for custom virtual environments for an infinity of purposes. Server rental companies, such…

  • Blogger


    Blogger is a popular blogging platform run by Google. It is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Although there are more complex blogging tools available, the combination of cost (free) and flexibility makes Blogger an attractive option, whether you’re updating friends and family about your life, hosting your own advice column,…

  • SoundBible


    SoundBible is a search engine for free and royalty-free sound clips and sound effects. This website updates weekly and all downloads are free.   SoundBible   Keywords: audio, Creative Commons, Open Educational Resources (OER), podcasts

  • Teachers’ Guide to Using Freely Available Videos

    Teachers’ Guide to Using Freely Available Videos

    This excellent guide out of the University of Michigan is geared to helping teachers cut through the tremendous amount of freely available videos on the web, to find the gems that enhance learning across subject areas. This guide helps educators make sense of the educational content that exists online, by first suggesting dividing videos into…

  • YouTube


    Get started with YouTube, playing, watching, and creating videos. YouTube is a video-sharing site available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages. Anyone with an Internet connection can share content, whether they are organizations with large budgets or an individual with a video camera. The material is organized into channels and users can…

  • Vimeo


    Vimeo is a popular video sharing site. Anyone can upload a video to this site for free, by signing up for the Vimeo basic membership package that offers video storage and privacy settings. Vimeo hosts videos in the highest quality possible. You can upload 4K Ultra HD quality, video management tools, no ads before, during,…

  • WeVideo – Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud

    WeVideo – Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud

    WeVideo is the online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, view and share your movies at up to 4K resolution for playback anywhere. Videos can be uploaded easily from DropBox, and edited online from multiple devices.   WeVideo   Review: WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor that makes editing in your browser…

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