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  • Visual Learning Center by Visme

    Visual Learning Center by Visme

    The resource to help you become a better visual communicator. The site contains a wide array of resources visual learners and presenters. These resources will help you become a better presenter, communicator, and storyteller by creating better presentations and infographics.   Visual Learning Center by Visme   Keywords: visual learning, digital literacy, blogs and wikis, visualize information, presentation

  • Snapchat


    Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos (called snaps) that are meant to disappear after they’re viewed. It’s advertised as a “new type of camera” because the essential function is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses or other effects and share them with friends. It’s like texting,…

  • can be used for social media, business, education, or many other uses. Build websites with templates for networking, sales, marketing, etc. Drop in text, video, pictures, embeds.  Upgrade for additional features, or keep it free.  Great for building interactive syllabi, professional profiles, ePortfolios, and other online information.   Keywords: web editing, websites

  • Podbean


    Podbean is used to listen to podcasts and can be used on a phone, mobile device, or desktop. You can use Podbean to easily record and publish your own podcasts.   Podbean

  • StoryMap


    StoryMap, by Knight Lab, can be used to tell a highlight of a particular image or historical map (its tagline is “maps that tell stories”). Users can guide viewers through a series of zoomed-in highlights to a particular image or map, highlight areas of interest in the image. Each item that’s designated can feature text,…

  • Thinglink


    Thinglink can annotate images with text, audio, or video. You can then share your annotated media in a website, LMS, or present online. Educators can use ThingLink for free. Sharing the content you create with your students can be done from your free account. Allowing students to create content requires a paid teacher account.   Thinglink…

  • Visme


    Visme is everything you need to tell powerful visual stories in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, and other visual content. Visme is a design tool to tell and present stories and translate boring data into stunning visual formats right in your browser. Visme is very easy to navigate and it offers free templates that can help you…

  • PixStori


    PixStori™ is an app to record stories about your smartphone photos. It links voice and still images in a multimedia PixStori that can be instantly shared on social media, uploaded into searchable cloud collections of family or group memories, and collected as crowdsourced field data for organizations and businesses. It is Oral History meets Instagram.…

  • Articulate 360

    Articulate 360

    Articulate 360 includes both Storyline and Rise plus other authoring apps. With Storyline 360 you can develop custom, interactive courses that work on every device. It’s powerful enough for experts, but easy for beginners to create almost any interaction imaginable. Choose Rise when you want to build fully responsive courses in minutes. All you need is a web browser…

  • Vyond (formerly Go Animate)

    Vyond (formerly Go Animate)

    One of the animation and whiteboard building websites. Vyond has prebuilt templates that customize for business or education. You choose backgrounds and props or can upload custom images. Vyond has a diverse selection of ethnic characters or you can customize to resemble an actual person. You can choose music from their library and narrate with…

  • OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer)

    OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer)

    The Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries has created a web-based, system called OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer) to inexpensively and efficiently enhance access to oral history online. OHMS provides users word-level search capability and a time-correlated transcript or indexed interview connecting the textual search term to the corresponding moment…

  • Wakelet


    Share articles, videos, images, tweets, and other great content with one link. Save them for later and create collections, called wakes, at any time. Organize the web, the way you want it. Save, curate, and share from a wide variety of sources to create very visually pleasing presentations. Also very suitable for creating a personal…

  • Adobe Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    Unveiled at Adobe Max in October 2018, Premiere Rush CC is an easier-to-use version of Premiere aimed at YouTubers and other video content creators. You can capture, edit, color-correct, and more, then publish to YouTube, Instagram and elsewhere. Rush works on both desktop and mobile devices (iOS now, Android soon) – and it automatically syncs your…

  • Adobe Education Exchange

    Adobe Education Exchange

    Adobe Education Exchange is a free learning platform and community, designed by educators for educators. It’s a great place to find materials to help you and your students learn about working with images, video, and audio media.   Adobe Education Exchange   After you’ve logged into “EdEx” you’ll find: Lesson plans and other learning materials…

  • Pexels


    Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock images for personal and commercial use. The site includes a large collection of photos, videos, wallpaper, and more.   Pexels   Keywords: Creative Commons

  • Biteable


    Biteable offers you the possibility to organize and make videos. Pick from premade templates and just customize the text and visuals to meet your needs. The free plan allows you to create a limited number of videos per month. The pro version is a more robust environment to expand your creativity.   Biteable Keywords: video,…

  • OER Community Course Experience

    OER Community Course Experience

    The OER Community Course Experience is created by the State University of New York (SUNY) OER Services. The SUNY OER Community Courses introduce you to the fundamental principles and effective practices related to Open Educational Resources. Throughout the learning space, you have the opportunity to explore and discuss methods and approaches to finding, adopting, customizing, integrating,…

  • Bubbl


    A mind mapping and brainstorming tool. A mind map is a graphical representation of ideas and concepts. It’s a visual thinking tool for structuring information, helping you to better understand, remember and generate new ideas. works the same on all platforms, for both desktop and mobile. You will never need to download or install…

  • How to Improve Audio Quality with Audacity

    How to Improve Audio Quality with Audacity

    This blog post from LearnUpon has a few practical tips on how to improve sound quality in audio recordings. The tips are targeted to using Audacity and they are also applicable to the use of other audio authoring tools. Poor audio quality is one of the most frustrating things you can subject your learners to. Not…

  • Gliffy


    Gliffy is a collaborative web-based diagram editor that can be used to create mind maps and other visual organizations of information such as; flow charts, org charts, schematic drawings, floor plans, technical drawings, concept maps, and more.   Gliffy   Keywords: Collaboration, Productivity Tools, Visual Design, mindmap

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