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  • Portfolium


    Portfolium’s online platform is an academic-oriented social networking service, mainly targeting university students and recent graduates. Users can showcase their work through a profile and an ePortfolio by uploading media files such as images, PDFs, videos and other media files onto their profiles. [Wikipedia]  Portfolium   Keywords: portfolio, ePortfolio, resume

  • Seesaw


    It is an app and website that offers instructors different assessment methods of students and ways to create interactive lessons for students.  Like other websites that allow for portfolios, students can create their own portfolios while allowing for communication between students, parents, and teachers.  Students can use online tools to demonstrate their creativity and learning.…

  • Remix Project – improving media literacy across the curriculum

    Remix Project – improving media literacy across the curriculum

    The goal of the Remix Project is to improve media literacy across the curriculum so that all students are better prepared for the media-rich world of the twenty-first century. The Remix Project is a collaborative effort of the Hesburgh Libraries and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning from the University at Notre Dame. The…

  • PebblePad


    An ePortfolios platform for students, it simplifies the process of collecting, managing and demonstrating evidence of lifelong learning.

  • Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

    Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

    Mike Ribble identified Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship that comprise a digital citizen and he explains each on his website. The updated Digital Citizenship definition is “the continuously developing norms of appropriate, responsible, and empowered technology use.”   Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship   Keywords: Digital literacy, Digital Fluency

  • can be used for social media, business, education, or many other uses. Build websites with templates for networking, sales, marketing, etc. Drop in text, video, pictures, embeds.  Upgrade for additional features, or keep it free.  Great for building interactive syllabi, professional profiles, ePortfolios, and other online information.   Keywords: web editing, websites

  • Edulai for employability skills development

    Edulai for employability skills development

    Dynamic library with free internet learning material for improving employability skills

  • Adobe Portfolio

    Adobe Portfolio

    As one of the free tools included in paid Adobe Creative Cloud plans, Adobe Portfolio enables designers to quickly create beautiful and high-quality personal portfolio sites in minutes. It also offers users a free Creative Cloud subscription service.   Adobe Portfolio   Keywords: ePortfolio

  • Behance


    Behance is an Adobe app that lets you take a look at the portfolios of some of the most interesting artists of the moment. If you are creative yourself, you can create your own account and share your work with other users. It is one of the most widely-used free online portfolio websites in the…

  • PixStori


    PixStori™ is an app to record stories about your smartphone photos. It links voice and still images in a multimedia PixStori that can be instantly shared on social media, uploaded into searchable cloud collections of family or group memories, and collected as crowdsourced field data for organizations and businesses. It is Oral History meets Instagram.…

  • Wakelet


    Share articles, videos, images, tweets, and other great content with one link. Save them for later and create collections, called wakes, at any time. Organize the web, the way you want it. Save, curate, and share from a wide variety of sources to create very visually pleasing presentations. Also very suitable for creating a personal…

  • SurfSafe


    Defend the internet. Bring the world to the Internet without false news. If you see something that is false, report it! Supercharge your browser to catch fake news! SurfSafe is protecting users from misleading, photoshopped, and fake news throughout the Internet. The extension marks the level of safety of an image or article on the corners. Never…

  • 9 Ways to Be a Good Digital Citizen – using technology appropriately

    9 Ways to Be a Good Digital Citizen – using technology appropriately

    This webpage from Digital Citizenship, developed by Mike Ribble, shares Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship. They fall into three categories, which are listed below.   Respect Your Self / Respect Others Etiquette Access Law Educate Your Self / Connect with Others Communicate Literacy Commerce Protect Your Self / Protect Others Rights & Responsibilities Safety (Security) Health…

  • RealtimeBoard


    The Ultimate Guide to Effective Remote Collaboration

  • How to Improve Audio Quality with Audacity

    How to Improve Audio Quality with Audacity

    This blog post from LearnUpon has a few practical tips on how to improve sound quality in audio recordings. The tips are targeted to using Audacity and they are also applicable to the use of other audio authoring tools. Poor audio quality is one of the most frustrating things you can subject your learners to. Not…

  • Knovio


    Knovio is a web-based application that can record web camera video and attach that video to presentation slides from Microsoft PowerPoint or image files. Overall it’s a great way to get “virtual lectures” created in a quick and efficient manner. Educators: Deliver highly interactive, video-led teaching experiences with video presentations. It’s the fast and easy way…

  • OverLeaf


    Collaborative Writing and Publishing

  • Grammarly


    This online grammar checker corrects mistakes and other writing errors across a variety of programs and directly in the browser.   Grammarly   Keywords: Lifelong Learning

  • Atavist for Education

    Atavist for Education

    ..and as you leave you say goodbye to the place with a very heavy heart….promising to come back for even longer next year.

  • Credly


    Credly is one of many digital badge platforms that can be used to design and award custom badges. Credly badges can be displayed on personal ePortfolios, social media sites (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), on websites, and in your Credly profile. Credly’s platform is the badging system that SUNY and #EmTech use to issue our…

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